Hear the story of this unique beer from Master Brewer Bouckaert himself:

“Every brewer has a secret dream: to brew, once in his life, his own beer . . .
his own brew . . . his own brand . . .
It’s not important that his name appears on the label.

”It happened to me. Why? I don’t know. Maybe a midlife crisis. As if building
a new house, buying a sports car, moving to South Africa and getting
married (again) was not enough. On top of this, I had to brew my own beer.
After having brewed enough Heineken to fill Cape Town harbour “(he was
Heineken director in Africa)” and having consumed enough to fill several
swimming pools. ”Probably I regretted having missed something for all
these years. The taste of a beer, made to my own preference. “I brewed it:
Anker Beer. A single kind of Trappist beer, brewed by a Protestant. A beer
with lots of taste, brewed to my own secret recipe. Not too strong, as I was
going to drink a lot of it. And it had to travel all the way from Belgium to
South Africa without losing its aromas. ”I don’t know if I succeeded.
But taste my Anker Beer. If you don’t like it, don’t tell me. I could commit suicide.
But if you like it, I’ll stand you a glass.”